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Website Makeovers

Is your web site professional and appealing? Your web site is your business tool. It introduces your business to millions of potential customers all over the world. A professionally designed web site is a critical part of your online marketing strategy. It is often the first interaction many customers will have with your business. With the right design and content, your customers will perceive you to be the expert in your field, giving you the competitive advantage you need.

Does your site have ecommerce capabilities? If you are selling a product, service, and or gift certificates make sure you have ecommerce capabilities on your site. This will give your business added professionalism by providing flexible payment options for your customers. There are several services online that provide credit card and check payment services, making it easy for any web site to accept electronic payments online.

Do customers come first? Once current and potential customers arrive at your site, they should always find what they are looking for. From directions and manuals to products and service descriptions, make sure your site has the information your customers need. In addition, take the time to ask you customers what they would like to see on your web site. Their answers may surprise you.

What is the your web sites goal? What, exactly, do you want your customers to do when they visit your site? Do you make it clear to them how to place an order, how to request an appointment,  additional information or how to sign up for your newsletter? Before you redesign your site, determine how you would define a successful visit for your new and existing customers.

What is your competitive advantage?  Do you have a newsletter? A Mailing List? Before you start your advertising campaign, research your competitor's web sites and promotions to find out what they are offering. Once you have sized up the competition, determine what your competitive advantage will be. Do you have lower prices or better customer service? Is your location more convenient or do you have a unique niche that no one else is targeting? By understanding your competitive advantage you will be able to create marketing information and materials that have an impact on the customer's decision to conduct business with you.

Can people find you online? So you have a good looking web site but aren't getting enough hits or business off of it. Many web designers are just that designers. Florida Web Designs, we make sure your site gets ranked high. Check out our portfolio and do some searches for the type of businesses and the areas (cities) they are in and see for yourself. We look forward to serving you. Call 330-604.4972 or 

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